inSure DeFi (SURE) is Successfully Bridged to Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

We’re thrilled to announce that from today, you can freely move SURE Tokens between Ethereum and BSC (Binance Smart Chain). SURE is now multi-chain!

How does it work? When using the bridge, no inflation will be created. Transferred SURE Tokens will be frozen on the Ethereum network and an equivalent amount of BEP-20 SURE Tokens will be minted on BSC. In the opposite direction, tokens will be burned on BSC and released from the frozen pool in Ethereum. Now you can use the decentralized bridge to swap between the chains:

Fig. 1 Swap ERC20 to BEP20 and back using

Why we created the bridge

Ethereum will remain the base layer where the inSure Ecosystem with its vision to be a fully decentralized, DAO-controlled community. However, considering the current transitory limitations generated by high gas fees and the adoption rate that BSC is demonstrating, we decided to expand our reach also to Binance Smart Chain. inSure DeFi DAO and insurance packages ownerships will still remain on Ethereum. At the same time, SURE token holders will be able to tap into the opportunities generated by low fees, adoption, and liquidity of BSC. A trading pair (SURE/BNB) has been created on PancakeSwap.

NB! All CEXs will use SURE ERC20 - Ethereum based tokens, do not send SURE tokens from BSC wallets to CEXs your funds will be lost and this event won’t be covered by insurance!

Fig. 2 Swap/Trade SURE on PancakeSwap

Future Developments

If adoption and volume on BSC will be big enough, we will also consider a closer integration with BSC by allowing users to insure their funds by storing SURE on BSC thus bringing the cross-chain swap transaction fee to zero (0). In that case, insurance policy ownerships will be possible on both Ethereun and BSC Networks.


SURE BSC (BEP-20) Contract address: 0x9b17baadf0f21f03e35249e0e59723f34994f806

Decimals: 18

About inSure DeFi

inSure DeFi is a Decentralized Insurance Ecosystem, trusted by thousands of community members to protect their crypto portfolios from scams, exchange closures, and drastic devaluations. inSure DeFi provides insurance solutions for the crypto space to stabilize and secure Crypto & DeFi portfolios.

Fast. Transparent. Future.

To learn more about inSure DeFi go to or follow us on Twitter and Telegram.

Official Links:

Website | Medium | LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Telegram Channel | Telegram Group




Offering a way to insure your crypto portfolio. DeFi Insurance System. Utility value token and beyond

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inSure DeFi

inSure DeFi

Offering a way to insure your crypto portfolio. DeFi Insurance System. Utility value token and beyond

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