inSure DeFi Launches Referral Program. Mainstream Adoption Begins…

In order to start mainstream adoption and grow the community faster, inSure DeFi has enables a generous Referral Program where:

  1. Members will be incentivized to share information about inSure DeFi Ecosystem and bring new members to the community.

(The reward size might be increased by creating a proposal and voting by the community.)

How does it work? 3 Easy steps…

  • Step 1. Paste your web3 wallet address where you want to receive 10% from each enabled insurance plan!

Visit inSure DeFi Website to start earning SURE!

Snapshot Proposal approval by the community:

About inSure DeFi

inSure DeFi is a Decentralized Insurance Ecosystem, trusted by thousands of community members to protect their crypto portfolios from scams, exchange closures, and drastic devaluations. inSure DeFi provides insurance solutions for the crypto space to stabilize and secure Crypto & DeFi portfolios.

Fast. Transparent. Future.

To learn more about inSure DeFi go to or follow us on Twitter and Telegram.

Official Links:

Website | Medium | LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Telegram Channel | Telegram Group



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inSure DeFi

Offering a way to insure your crypto portfolio. DeFi Insurance System. Utility value token and beyond